Content FAQ's

Can I re-use videos in my workouts and content?

The short answer, absolutely! We created your Library so that you can save time by creating your content now and publishing it later. Also subscriber's won't really mind if you use an older video in a new workout - just make sure you include a new Intro video when you publish to let them know its coming from you "today."

What if my lighting and audio are not great?

First of all, if you every have questions or concerns about your content just ask us! We'll give you some words of wisdom.

However, it's important for you to know that consumers want authenticity and transparency. So you're "less-than-perfect" lighting and mediocre audio aren't the end of the world. Should you put the effort in to shoot with great lighting and audio? Yes. Is it the end of the world if there's a shadow next to your right foot in your 40 min yoga flow? Absolutely not.

When it comes to lighting and audio quality, here is what we recommend:

  • Find the best lighting you can (there is cheap lighting on Amazon if you really need it).
  • Upgrade your iPhone. The iPhone 7 has fantastic video and image quality.
  • Talk loud and be energetic 
  • Reduce distractions whenever you can. Aim to reduce as much 3rd party sound or visuals. For instance, having the kids or a guest come in your frame can be cute and funny. Just make sure it's not too distracting that it takes away from the value of your content.
  • Shoot with the best angles depending on what body movements you'll be doing in the video.