Patience is a virtue

Becoming a creator of our platform is exciting! You have dreams of expanding your reach and impacting more people to live healthier lives while earning a sizeable portion of your income because of it. This is such an amazing and achievable goal!

The only issue you can run into now is setting unrealistic expectations. Wanting to grow your subscriber base as an early partner on our platform is a great mindset to have. But being unrealistic about how quickly you can grow can leave you feeling defeated and ready to give up. So here’s our best piece of advice.

Be patient

When it comes to selling anything, not just your content on Playbook, success never happens overnight. You have be be confident, patient and persistent in your approach. Educate yourself on how to grow your Channel using the tools in our training. Be consistent with your engagement on social media.

And best of all, don’t panic if you don’t have one hundred subscribers right away. On average, our creators earn 2-3x times more, 12 months after launching. If you stay patient and consistent you too will earn more money over time.

Keep at it and keep driving fans, friends, and followers to your Playbook Channel. You got this!