Recording content like a pro (especially important for yogies, meditators, etc.)


Recording content is easy (especially with Playbook)

With the quality of smartphone cameras today, it’s super easier to create high-quality videos directly from your mobile device. The only other piece of equipment you will ever need is a tripod. We recommend getting this $23 tripod with Bluetooth from Amazon. 

With your smartphone and a tripod in hand, you’re almost ready to start creating content for your Channel. All that’s left to do is read over our content creation checklist below!

Content Creation Checklist

  1. Shoot everything in portrait mode. The average person using a smartphone holds it vertically, in what we call “portrait mode.” By shooting all of your videos in this format, you’re giving your subscribers the easiest possible user experience.
  2. Use your handy dandy tripod. Your tripod is going to be your best friend over the next several months. Use it anytime you want to shoot content and don’t have an assistant to film you. With the one we recommended, you even get a Bluetooth controller so you can set up in front of the camera and start filming yourself with the click of a button (that means no more award running into the screen, hooray!).
  3. Clear out memory on your phone. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to have to completely redo a 25-minute yoga flow because your phone ran out of storage at minute 20. Or maybe you can. Either way, you don’t want this to be you. Before shooting any video, especially longer footage, make sure you have enough storage on your phone. If you have an iPhone you can check your storage via the following:
    1. Go to “Settings”
    2. Select the “General” tab and then select “iPhone Storage”
    3. Scroll down and you will find a list of your apps & how much storage each one takes up
    4. If you are close to reaching your storage limit then consider deleting apps and old photos/videos that you don’t use anymore. (If you take a lot of videos, you’ll find that most of your storage is occupied by video content. Delete old videos that you don’t need. If you want to save some of them, store your videos in the cloud. For more information on how to do this, and how to clean up your iPhone storage in other ways, click here.)
  4. Tune out distractions. When creating video, you’ll want to eliminate any potential distractions before they occur. This is especially important when filming long-form video (see our Youtube article) because an interruption during your shoot could mean having to re-film your entire series. To save yourself from wasting time, think of anything that could interrupt your video and find ways to get rid of it. 

  5. Turn your phone on airplane mode. Listen to what we said about removing any distractions and do this for yourself. Put your phone in airplane mode. This will save you from arguing with your mom when she calls you 20 minutes into your 25 minute yoga flow. No one has time to start over every time someone calls!

  6. Pay attention to the tone of your voice. If you are familiar with speaking in front of large audiences, you’ll probably be well prepared for capturing speech on camera. If not, try a few practice rounds before created the final copy of your content. Record the introduction to your video and play it back for yourself. How does the tone of your voice sound? Do you want to express excitement and sound motivational? Or are you filming relaxing content that requires a calmer tone. Ask yourself these questions so you can optimize the way you are speaking to your subscribers.

  7. Personality and charisma will be your biggest asset. People like people with personality! Plain and simple. Use your charm and show your authentic self to fan. They will love you for it. 

  8. Don’t be afraid to sweat. Remember. We created Playbook to provide real people with a closer connection to their favorite health and wellness creators. So don’t be afraid to sweat, make a mistake, be silly or screw up. The more you can be your authentic self, the more subscribers you'll attract.

  9. Find the best lighting you can, but don’t obsess. The general principle for the best lighting is to shoot in the direction of light. In other words, the light source should be shining on your face as you film. Great lighting in video will make your content easier to consume. With that said, don’t obsess over every minute lighting detail. You’re videos, in their raw form, are what your subscribers are paying for, so just do your best.