Video examples to help you get started

Film everything in Portrait mode

All videos must be shot in portrait mode (see image below).

Creating a great intro video

Your Channel's intro video should be fun, light hearted and informative. Here's where you talk about who you are and what type of content you'll be sharing. Here are some good examples.

Creating workout intro videos

Workout intro videos explain what your consumer can expect from the workout. Here's where you can mention:

  • Type of workout
  • Duration
  • What equipment you need
  • Benefits

See examples below.

    Long-form videos are great for pilates, yoga and mobility flows

    Long-form content is anything longer than 60 seconds. To upload long form content on the app, you:

    1. Record your workout/ yoga flow
    2. Upload to YouTube
    3. Paste YouTube Link in YouTube template
    4. Save 

    Learn more about the YouTube Template

    Examples of long-form videos.

    Short-form videos are best for HIIT, circuits, Crossfit, weight training, etc.

    Short-form content is anything less than 60 secs. These are exercises that you upload to the app individually and then combine to create a workout. 

    To create short-form content in the app you:

    1. Film yourself doing 2-3 reps of an exercise
    2. Upload video to your Library via an Exercise Template
    3. Save


    Examples of short-form videos.