Video examples to help you get started

If you're brand new to Playbook or simply looking for extra inspiration, here are great video examples from our partners on the platform to inspire your next creation!

First things first, don't forget that all videos must be recorded in portrait mode (so hold your phone vertically)!

 Example showing how to record videos in portrait mode

Example showing how to record videos in portrait mode

Long-form videos are great for pilates, yoga, mobility and meditation exercises

Since plenty of yoga flows and mobility series require multiple complete movements in a given sequence, using long form video is best. Anything above 60 seconds will need to be filmed using long-form video.

To create these longer pieces of content, first film the video using your smartphone. Then upload the video to YouTube and finally copy your YouTube link into the YouTube Template in the Creator App. 

Learn more about the YouTube Template

Here are examples of content that use long-form video

Short-form videos are best for HIIT, circuits, Crossfit, weight training, etc.

Videos recorded in under 60 seconds can be filmed on your smartphone and uploaded directly via the Playbook Creator app. Remember, you don't have to film yourself doing 12 reps of each exercise. Our app automatically plays your movements on "loop" so that a user can view your movement multiple times in a row.

See how to record videos here

Video examples for your insights section


The Insights section in your Creator App is essentially an extension of your Channel that allows you to provide extra value to your subscribers. The content you upload here is static, meaning it doesn't disappear like the other content on your Channel. Your Insights are a great place to create short videos (5-10min in length) where you dive deeper into a topic relating to health, wellness, or fitness.

Learn more about Insights

Here are some great examples of content you can discuss in your Insights.

NOTE: Insights is the only section where you can include video that is shot in landscape mode. That said, we still recommend filming in portrait.

Here, Don talks about how he got ready for the cover of Muscles and Fitness by eating a high-carb diet.

In this video, Melissa shows us how she prepares her favorite green juices in the morning with her helpful sidekick, Benjamin!