When should I publish content? How frequently?

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Being a digital pro is all about consistency, but being consistent doesn't mean you have to spend hours every week creating content. We recommend starting out by spending less of your time on content creation, and more time on promotion. Obviously, as you become more efficient at creating content, you'll want to ramp up your content creation efforts, too.

How much content should I publish per week or per month?:

As a rule of thumb, we recommend creating one new piece of content per week (a workout, stretch, recipe, etc). Your customers are much more likely to stay subscribed if they feel you are working to give them value, consistently. 

1 post per week is okay
2 posts per week is excellent
3 posts per week means you are an overachiever

Include Insights 1-2x per month:

On top of what goes into your channel in the expiring section, we recommend creating 1 or 2 Insights per month. Learn more about Insights here.

Insights are essentially another built-in channel for you to share general information about health, wellness, and fitness. For example, you can share: 

  • What your typical day looks like
  • Your favorite recipes and cooking tips
  • Meditation practice
  • Productivity hacks
  • Importance of a good night's sleep 

For other ideas, just ask your audience! They can give you the best advice on what they want to see more of.

5 quick recommendations:

  1. Come up with a calendar - or weekly schedule for what to post/ when. The more you treat your content creation like a meeting, the more effortless it will seem. 
  2. Start simple - start by creating content 1x per week and as you start to get into a flow, step up your game to 2-3x per week 
  3. Chunk your time - If you are someone who will forget or procrastinate, pick one day or a weekend to knock out 4-5 pieces of content. Upload them to your channel and set a publish date for a few days/ weeks out. This way all you have to do is engage for the rest of the month!
  4. Mindset - Remember that people will be waiting for your next workout or cooking video. Think of your customers when you're creating new content each week! 
  5. Ask a friend - Ask a friend to come with you to shoot content. They will hold you accountable and give you feedback. Once you feel more comfortable with it, you can begin shooting more content on your own.