Consumer Updates


As Android goes into production, we are shifting our focus away from the Creator App and instead towards the Consumer App. 2019 will largely be focused on making the consumer experience as amazing as possible to help you grow and retain your subscriber base.

Here are some of the features that will be coming soon!:

  • Redesigned workout experience with timers, tracking and badges

  • Redesigned program experience with progress tracking

  • New consumer profile experience where consumers can see all their stats, capture photos of themselves and invite their “tribe” to the app

  • Ability for consumers to send pictures and videos to you

  • Community tab - feed of what people are doing. Ability for consumers to track what their friends are up to

And so much more. We get dozens of requests every month and we listen to every comment and message. If there are any features you believe your audience will love, please let us know. We generally prioritize the functionality Creators ask of us over everything else.

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