Launch Day Checklist


Now that you're ready to launch, your #1 goal is to grow your subscribers. Below are some recommendations on how you can do just that.


Stay confident, patient, and persistent. You have to buy into your Playbook launch and invest time in our training in order to set yourself up for success. You'll also need to show your fans that you are committed. Consumers want to buy from people who are truly passionate about what they do. If you don't show that you are passionate about your product, how can you expect your fans to?

What's more, you have to get behind your channel with everything you have, especially in the beginning. It will lead to higher conversion and more subscribers in the future. Also, don’t get discouraged if you are slow to start. Creators earn MORE money over time. On average, creators are earning 2-3x more, 12 months after launching. So keep on it and stay can do this!



Turn on notifications in the Partner app (we highly recommend...)
Turning on notifications gives the app permission to tell you when a subscriber sends you a message or leaves you a comment. It then becomes up to you to engage with your subscribers <link Insta stories article> (and remember...this engagement will be the key to your success). 


Engaging with your subscribers is the best thing you can do for your Channel...and your wallet ;).

Remember, your subscribers on Playbook are paying for your content and expertise - not your Instagram followers or your Youtube subscribers. It's important to pay special attention to the people who are sending you money every month so try to make the most of your engagement with them, over anything else.

Notifications: Troubleshooting

If you for some reason hit “turn off notifications” when prompted, no need to panic. You can turn them back on from your phone settings by following these steps.

  1. Settings
  2. Notifications 
  3. Scroll down to Playbook Creator (alphabetical order) 
  4. Turn on all notifications inside the app (should see green, everywhere)

Get early adopters and feedback
We will do a review of your content and give you feedback before your Channel goes live but we also recommend contacting friends and family. Ask them what sort of content they'd like to see. More importantly, what would they pay for.

Contacting friends and family recap:

  • They will be your first customers if you ask them 
  • Use them to get feedback and make early adjustments

Learn To Utilize Your Deeplink


Your deep link is a tool that let's you direct customers to your Channel
Every creator on Playbook has their own customized link in the Creator app menu. Anyone who clicks on that link from a text message, email, social media, etc. gets directed straight to your Channel in the app. We call this a "deep link."

Your deep link is one of your most important marketing tools for acquiring new subscribers for two main reasons:

  • It bypasses the discovery screen, making it super efficient for your customers to subscribe to you, and YOU only
  • It collects important conversion and click-through data for you to analyze later!

How it works: As soon as your follower clicks on the link > they are directed to the app store > download the app > the app opens up to your intro video > then right to your channel > they finish at your subscribe screen! 

To summarize, your deep link is for you to market with on social media, email, etc. Share it with friends and family and include it in your Instagram bio. Direct your followers to this link as much as you possibly can!

Email your subscribers

Have fans who are subscribed to your newsletter or blog? Hit them up! They’re subscribed to you for a reason. Write an email to your subscribers about why you decided to launch your Playbook Channel, and let them know how much their support would mean to you. Bonus points: Include your customized Playbook deep link in your email signature to make it super easy for your fans to download.

We are happy to design a personalized email template for you and help you with Mailchimp. Just email us at for more info.

Add your deep link wherever you can
Make sure that all of your videos, channels, portals and descriptions all include a copy of your "deep link." This is most likely where your supports and superfans are going to find you so why not make it as easy as possible for them to subscribe?! 

Remember, for every 100 people you send to your page, roughly 1 or 2 of them will subscribe to your Channel. This means that gently pushing people towards your Playbook channel as often as you can is guaranteed to help you grow. 

PRO TIP: Be sure to follow up on launch day and thank all your fans who become subscribers.

  • Email
  • Instagram
    • Make sure you have a business account setup! 
    • Profile + profile link (example below)
    • Posts (example below)
    • Stories (example below)
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • Reddit
  • Pinterest
  • Etc.

Templates for email, Facebook, & Instagram

After you launch, you're going to want to let the entire world know by posting to your social media. While we encourage you to get creative and send a message that feels authentic to your health and wellness brand, here are some great examples of what you can post to each of these accounts to start spreading the news! 

Other ideas for launch:

  • Host a live stream video on Facebook or Instagram to tell your fans about your Playbook Channel. Use this space to answer any questions they may have or to show your genuine excitement for your Channel. You can also consider using Google Hangouts, Spreecast, or for a more intimate launch with your superfans. 
  • Host a class or an event. Tell your customers, friends and clients to join you at your class and at the end, tell them that you are creating a Playbook Channel. Let them know the pros of subscribing (can do the workouts from whenever, whenever they want, etc.) and ask for their input and feedback moving forward!

Launch Day Checklist

1. Announce your Playbook page on every outlet possible.
2. Share your Playbook deep link in your social media posts.
3. Mention @playbook_app in all of your posts so we can repost them!
4. Pin Playbook posts to the top of your feeds.
5. Be sure to include a couple of sentences about how Playbook works.
6. Use imagery like Facebook/Twitter/YouTube banners to spread the word.
7. Paste a link to your channel in discoverable places, like social media bios and YouTube banner links.
8. Take a deep breath when you're done. Congrats on the launch!


The first week to 30 days

  • Write reminder posts on all the platforms where your fans live (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.) for those who missed your announcement. You can write something along the lines of “In case you missed our announcement a couple days ago, I’m now sharing my weekly workouts on Playbook!"
  • Repost your customers who signed up in your social accounts - make them feel great and inspired by calling them out individually
  • Dive into our training center to step-up your social game