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Easily monetize your health, fitness and wellness content and create a meaningful recurring revenue. 

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Everything is authentic and directly from the creators!


The creators keep it fresh and motivating. Their content expires so you have to keep up!



Interact directly with the creators! Let them know what you want more of and the progress you're making!



Show your friends you’re all about that sweat life! Use our new fitness-inspired stickers and healthy selfies to show-off your sweat!

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The platform for health & wellness creators

We give an app to health & wellness creators so they can share their weekly workouts and insights directly with you. The content expires, so you have to keep up!


Sweating made fun

Show your friends you’re all about that sweat life. Use our new fitness-inspired stickers to share your Healthy Selfie.


Give the gift of health

Build and inspire your tribe! With your subscription you can gift unlimited content to your friends and family! Each user gets up to 5 free gifts! 


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"This is a fantastic tool for getting your daily workouts in! I have been using the workouts while traveling and I’m loving them. They are between 15-45 mins that focus on all areas of the body. This app makes it super convenient so there is no excuse to skip a workout."




"I hate working out most of the time but I can’t seem to talk myself out of 20 minutes with my favorite creator! Now I work out with Playbook almost every day! Could not recommend this app enough"




"It’s turned boring uninspired gym sessions into well thought out planned daily challenges that always keep me on my toes. The results are clearly visible after a fortnight, both in my flexibility, physique and levels of motivation."