Fueling Her Fire: Interview with Megyn Kelly

She’s a fighter. Motivated. Confident. Strong. Megyn Kelly tells it like it is. She stands tall and brave in a forest filled with daunting but often hollow oaks.

In Megyn’s world, it’s not good versus evil, or even left versus right. It’s simply courage to separate the pretenders from the passionate and the faithful from the fake.

And she won’t back down. Not now, not ever. Underestimate her, and you’ll wish you didn’t step in the ring. Ask Syracuse’s decorated communications program. What they’d give to turn back the clock and reconsider her application for admission.

We caught up with Megyn to understand what fuels her fire. With an average workday running late into the evening, it’s incredible how she manages to pack enough energy into her day to face the world’s biggest brains and bravado on a nightly basis.

Not to mention, she stays fit enough that most candidates wouldn’t stand a chance if they literally stepped into the ring together. Mind racing after wrapping another hard-hitting episode of The Kelly File, Megyn does her best to stay rested to hit the next morning.
The life of Megyn Kelly is more action-packed than a 12-round championship bout…even on her off days.

Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. Styled by Jessica Diehl.” [Vanity Fair]

Photograph by Patrick Demarchelier. Styled by Jessica Diehl.” [Vanity Fair]

Her schedule doesn’t leave room for much more than a handful of hours of sleep (if she’s lucky). But can you blame her? She rises with the ranks of her husband and three children to jumpstart the day together. Sleep or not, her energy is extending – it spreads through the household with speed that only her kids can match.

And her diet? It’s executed as well as The Kelly File.
Megyn largely subscribes to the F-Factor Method framework preached by New York City dietician, Tanya Zuckerbrot. The tenets of the F-Factor Method are consuming calories that are both lean and full of fiber, which tend to keep you fuller longer -- essentially a balance of lean proteins with high-fiber carbohydrates.

Megyn’s meals are disciplined and purposefully kept simple, avoiding any artificial ingredients. "Breakfast regularly includes non-fat yogurt with blue berries and high-fiber cereal." (again, high in fiber with lean protein, little sugar and healthy carbs to fuel her)

Lunch and dinner are a similar story. "The afternoon is a healthy 6oz of lean protein and veggies, salads with dressing - either no calorie Walden Farms or (preferably Lite) Balsamic - on the side, with little or no salt."  The lean protein portion is frequently rotated between organic chicken or turkey meatballs.

And the healthy secret for her meatballs? "I make my meatballs with no breadcrumbs – instead I use fiber sprinkles (just take the GG Brand Crisp Bread Fiber Crackers and hammer them into sprinkles).  Once you have sauce on there you can’t tell the difference."

When you’re running around as much as Megyn, snacking is a must. But even then, she keeps it healthy. Megyn is frequently armed with fiber crackers (GG Crispbread) topped with a low fat ricotta cheese, sometimes mixing in some tomato sauce.

Lots of water to stay hydrated and which is frequently chased by a cup of coffee containing a cube or two of brown sugar. "I also put half and a half in my coffee, and that’s about all the milk I drink. If you try to sweeten your coffee with skim milk, it takes so much more than the tablespoon or so of half and a half to get the same result." Making sure it's fair game, Megyn gains comfort knowing "Tanya [her dietitian] has officially signed off on the half and half!"

Megyn continues to maintain high energy day after day, week in and week out. "After a late night finishing the show, if I am hungry I will eat some lean protein – a bowl of chicken soup that I keep in the fridge, or meatballs, or turkey jerky."

And last but not least, when it's all said and done, she'll usually enjoy "a glass of wine, too."

Albeit simple, there’s a lot to learn from Megyn’s diet. Day in and day out Megyn gracefully operates an extremely high-pressure lifestyle. There are no “autopilot” days. Every day the spotlight is on - the ratings measuring stick never takes a day off.

That said, pay close attention to the cornerstones of Megyn’s diet. Abundant proof nutrition plays a major part inconsistent, top performance.

Lean protein & high-fiber:
Lean protein such as chicken, turkey, low fat & non-fat dairy and high in fiber foods such as beans & lentils, nuts, avocado, fiber crackers, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are well known to be some of the best calories you can digest while simultaneously suppressing those impulsive sugary and starchy cravings that train wreck your diet on a daily basis.

Keep it simple & regimented:
With your health goals in the mind, select the number of calories you should be consuming on a daily basis. Next, divide those calories into 4-6 meals and then allocate the appropriate foods (lean protein, high in fiber carbohydrates). Finally, maintain simplicity and don’t congest your thoughts with focus on the next meal. Script the majority of your meals, eating the same foods on a daily basis. It’s difficult to maintain daily high performance when your mind is constantly thinking about the possibility of what you could eat next.

Keep it natural – eliminate sugar & artificial ingredients:
Research supports that artificial ingredients and highly processed foods lead to symptoms such as: cravings, lethargy, headaches, bloating; symptoms that negatively impact how you feel through the day, every day.  Want to be a high performer? Reduce or eliminate sugar and processed foods. Give your brain and body the clarity it deserves.

Megyn will keep knocking down doors in her endless quest to pull truth from a sea of showmen.  She’ll keep proving her doubters wrong with energy and enthusiasm. She’ll stay faithful to the game plan and processes that brought her this far. She’s a fighter, after all, and one unkeen to spend time on the mat.

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