The Trailblazers: David Asprey

David Asprey has dedicated his life to understanding out the human body works and how to increase its functionality. The former tech executive, who was at the forefront of the cloud computing movement, started his now-famous Bulletproof blog as a humble quest for self-improvement but what he discovered was there was a incredible demand for the kind of information that he was researching. During his experimentation he discovered a way to avert early morning food cravings through his morning coffee, by adding grass-fed butter and MCT oil (which has since been replaced by his own Octane Brain oil). He posted his finding on the Internet and seemingly overnight had started coffee craze that took over the fitness world. Since then Asprey has published the best-selling Bulletproof Diet and considers that creation the “gateway drug” to the masses. Now there is a riveted audience of millions that look to him daily to unlock other biological secrets, or “biohacks”, through his supplement line or popular podcast. Here we had Asprey share a few of his tips for getting more out of training with the Playbook community.

Ditch The Antioxidants
Do not take antioxidants before you start working out. You actually want to cause inflammation, which is why exercising heavily every day is not going to allow you the right kind of recovery. So try to skip the Vitamin C and Vitamin D. You want to feel sore the day after training, you will feel the free radicals and take your antioxidants then. 

Train Hungry
I would say you are fully ketogenic, and very carefully following your diet each meal, it is not a bad idea to exercise in a fasting state and then eat some carbs after. That does not mean go overboard with a loaf of bread or a pint of ice cream, but definitely, eat a little rice or sweet potato. That will help you grow muscle more quickly than if you were eating just fats and vegetables. The carbs will help with the recovery.

Rest Right
I have actually found out that lying down for about 90 seconds in between sprints or high-intensity training actually has incredible metabolic benefits. Through my research, it seems like going for high-intensity sessions is the way to go for the maximum effect. Then between those exertions layout on the gym floor. That is biologically active and has a much better effect than walking or standing during your rest period. 

Sleep Sound
It is not how much you get, but how good the rest you get is. There are a number of ways to help you get better shut-eye. For one phone use should be banned from the bedroom, especially in the hour before you actually put your head down. Put your phone in “Airplane Mode” to make sure that your mind is not wandering on what calls or texts you could be missing. Going to bed early is not necessarily better than going to bed late, it really depends on what cycle your body is naturally inclined to.

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