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Your community is essential to your digital success. As we continue to roll out more features and training focusing on growing your community, it is essential to keep engaging with your community as much as possible.

To make engagement effortless and the best use of your time, we built our platform to easily integrate with Instagram. The more you learn about community growth, the more you'll find that Instagram is your most valuable tool for customer engagement, today. 

Instagram engagement is a great tool because it allows you to:
(1)  Make your customer feel special in a public format
(2) Markets you and your channel to everyone! 

Check out the information below to see how you can easily increase your engagement with subscribers on Instagram, directly in the Partner App!

Reply to a comment on your Instagram stories using video

  • We only present this icon when the customer has given you their Instagram handle. 
  • You tap the icon and we copy their Instagram handle for you and open Instagram. 
  • Swipe left or click on the camera icon in the upper left portion of the screen to open your camera
  • Now you just have to video record yourself responding to that subscriber's comment. We've already copied their Instagram handle so just hold the screen and click "Paste", shout out your subscriber, and upload to stories!

Reply to a comment on your Instagram stories using an image template

  • Just like the Video button, you tap the icon and we copy their Instagram handle and download a template that has their handle and comment right to your pictures plus open Instagram. 
  • You have to make sure to paste their handle and type up a thoughtful response! Send to your stories ASAP :)

Reply to a comment via email

Replying to a comment via email is a great choice if your subscriber never gave us their Instagram handle, or you want to respond to a subscriber in a more private, non-public setting.

To reply via email, tap on the "Email reply" button or hold your finger down on the cell and select "Reply by Email." Just remember, they cannot respond back to you so make sure not to ask any questions! 

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