Welcome to the Creator App


Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to create and publish content related to health, wellness and fitness. That's why we created the "Creator App" designed for you.

As you navigate through the Creator App, you will use five key functions: the main action button which is the “green plus button,” and 4 sections: My Channel, Library, Analytics, and Community. 

The Green Plus Button


This is the main action button that allows you to create new content. To learn more about how to upload a new video for your Channel, check out this article

My Channel


The My Channel section consists of multiple functions that are essential to your Creator App experience:  

  1. Published - Here is your content that is "live" in the app - meaning your subscribers can currently view it! You can also see stats on how well your content is performing and preview what it looks like for consumers in the published section.
  2. Drafts - You can save and edit content or schedule it to be published at a later date. Drafts manages all your edits and "soon to be published content."
  3. Free - You want to give away some content for free so new users can get a sample of what you do. Here you can manage and edit your Free content. 
  4. Old - The channel only lets you publish your last 10 pieces of content. When your 10th oldest “expires” it gets saved in this section. You can re-use everything in here!



The library saves all of the content you create - if you choose to save it. You can create content inside the library ahead of time to publish later! 

Learn more about 'library'



Besides the Earnings Summary page, you can view your stats in 1 week, 2 week, 1 month, 3 month and 1 year intervals!  

  • Earnings - How you are doing this month. Numbers are delayed around 24 hours. 
  • Subscribers - How your subscribers are trending.  
  • Trials - This metric is important. It tells you how well you are doing to bring in new subscribers to your channel on a daily basis. 
  • Activity - Gives you details about your marketing data. Your "deep link" tracks how many clicks you have and allows you to compare those clicks to your converted subscribers! 

Learn more about 'analytics'



The community section is essential to your digital success. We will continue to roll out more features and training focused around engaging your customers!

We built your community to interact most closely with Instagram (you can now export subscriber comments from the app, straight to your Instagram stories to engage with your biggest fans!). Instagram will be your biggest marketing asset for two reasons:
(1)  You are making your customer feel special in a public format
(2) You are promoting your Channel in front of everyone

Instagram video button - We only present this icon when the customer has given you their Instagram handle. To create a video response to a subscriber's comment, tap the video icon. Instagram will automatically open up. Swipe left to create a new story and start filming your response. Don't forget to tap the screen and hit past (we've already copied their Instagram handle for you). If the user's name is underlined, you've copied in correctly. Now upload it to your stories!

Instagram image button - Just like the Video button, when tap the camera icon, we copy their Instagram handle and download a template of their comment and handle right to your pictures, then we open Instagram. All you have to do is remember to paste their handle and add a thoughtful comment!

Reply via email - Is available if you want to reply directly in a “non-public” setting then click on the email button. Your subscriber cannot respond back to you in the email format so be sure not to ask any questions. For those, turn to your Instagram stories.

Learn more about 'community'


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