How to Publish Content

Video 2: Publishing

Video 1: Introduction

We've made it our mission to make publishing content as easy as possible for you. Here are the four steps on how to publish content in the app.

Step 1 - The Big Green Plus button

Publish content by clicking the "green plus button" in the Partner App. You can publish almost anything related to your health & fitness routine with this button.

Step 2 - New Content screen

  1. Intro Video - Here is an example of an intro video. Remember it has to be shot in portrait or “selfie” mode (so hold your phone vertically). Tell your audience what you are publishing - give them a quick outline, bring energy and enthusiasm, and talk to them like they are a close friend. 
  2. Title - Title’s matter. Keep it to 2-5 words. Make it captivating so your subscriber wants to learn more. 
  3. Description - They are always helpful, but of course, we understand that time matters. Give supporting details that are specific to what you are publishing but you don't have to go overboard. 
  4. Duration - The amount of time it will take to complete the activity you are publishing.
  5. Save - If you want to finish creating your content later, hit save and your work will be saved in Drafts. 

We have created 5 different templates to make it easy for you to create the content you want.

(A) Exercise - This is for any single movement or coaching that is less than 45 seconds (squat, crunches, run, swim, stretch, etc.) Learn more

(B) Multiple - This is a grouping of Exercise templates. Think of HIIT training, circuit training, pyramids, supersets, flows, etc. It’s a collection of multiple exercise templates that are part of a series. Learn more

(C) Youtube - This is any video that needs to be longer than 1-2 mins. Meditation, yoga, cooking, teaching, motivation, product recommendation, etc. Learn more

(D) Nutrition - This is for anything nutrition related that you want your community to have access to. You can also link to nutrition products you want to sell. Learn more

(E) Product - This is anything related to additional products that you want to sell to your community. You can link to products like apparel, gear, other programs, etc. Learn more

(F) Add From Library - Here, you can add content you have already created to your new content! Once you add saved content from your library, you can then edit your old content to fit the goals of your new post. Learn more

Step 4 - Publish


Once you are done, hit “Save” and then “Publish”. When you hit “Save” the content automatically saves to “Drafts” which you can find later in the “Channel” section. When you hit "Publish now" you're workout will be live on the Consumer App.

Publish lets you:

  1. Add a customized push notification - Make it fun! This push notification will automatically pop up on your subscriber's phone when you publish your videos. Add emojis, be encouraging, have fun!
  2. “Publish as free” - Hit the toggle and users can access it for free. Your content moves to the “Free” bubble in the “Channel” tab.
  3. “Schedule” - Set a date and time you want the content to be automatically published. This moves your content to the “Drafts”  bubble in the “Channel” tab. Scheduling content for later can be useful if you shoot and upload multiple videos at a time. Rather than having to remind yourself in a few days to publish your latest content, you can set everything up in the app to publish your videos for you. No need to stress.
  4. “Publish now” -  Publishes your content so that your subscribers can view it and moves it to the “Published” bubble in the “Channel” tab.
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