Creating your Profile


Setting up your profile is the first step to creating a successful channel on Playbook. Your profile should give your audience enough information to get a good sense for who you are and what type of videos you'll be posting to your Channel.

As you begin creating a profile, you will find 3 main sections: Account, About Me, and Media. These sections must be 100% complete before you can go live in the app. The good news is, filling out these sections is super easy and should take no longer than 5-15 mins of your time. 

Step 1 - Account

Here are just a few tips on how to set up your account.

  1. First Name - Don't leave any spaces after you type your name. This will mess up the formatting in the app.
  2. Last Name - Same spaces.
  3. Gender - You got this one.
  4. Email - Your email will be connected to your community section. This allows you to engage with your subscribers in a more personalized setting. And don't worry...even when you use this feature, your followers won't be able to see your email address.
  5. Paypal - This will be your PayPal email for payments
  6. Instagram - Just don't include the “@” symbol. We do that for you. Ex: “Playbook_app” 

Step 2 - About Me

  1. Title - 3-5 words that describe you. Ex: Trainer & Nike Athlete...Meditation & Yoga Instructor...Athlete & Performance Specialist
  2. Story - Write a quick bio that helps people understand your background, credentials, beliefs, and what you will be sharing on Playbook. Ex: "After years of struggling to find my happy weight, I have finally reached a place where I accept and love my body, for everything it allows me to do! Through meditation, proper plant-based nutrition, and working out your accessory muscles, you too can achieve the long, lean, physique you've always desired." 
  3. Community Message - Tell people what kind of interactions you'd like to have with them. “Would love to hear your feedback! Tag me on Instagram @playbook_app or leave your comments directly in the app. Also, feel free to tag me in your post-workout selfies on Insta so I can track your progress!” 
  4. Keywords - These are like hashtags that people can discover you by. For example, assume there's some random stranger who doesn't know you. What words would you use to describe yourself so that a complete stranger could discover you on social media! 5-10 tags are perfect!  Ex: Trainer, Athlete, Yoga, Bodyweight, Cardio, Strength. 
  5. Training Requirements - What type of equipment, gear, or additional resources will your subscribers need in order to follow your content. Ex: Yoga mat, Gym Membership, Bike, Pool Equipment, Blender… 
  6. Goals - Quick and short sentences that people can use to understand what they should expect from your Channel. Ex: 1) Increase efficiency to generate strength, power, and endurance 2) To find your happy weight and love the skin you're in!

Step 3 - Media

  1. Introduction video - Tell people about yourself, the type of content you will be sharing, your main goals for them, how to engage with you and your community. Bring the smiles, energy, and authenticity here!
  2. Cover Image - This is your most important image. Make it as crisp as possible. Show your body, style, smile, etc. You want people to see this and be drawn to you. 
  3. Avatar Image - This is a head shot that will show up throughout the Consumer App. Find the best picture of your face and don't forget to smile! Positivity sells.
  4. Examples - Tap the green links below each media cell to see an example of what we're talking about.

Need help?

General or picture/ video editing or 347-913-1285

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