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Playbook allows creators like you to have an exclusive relationship with your customers,  build a monthly income, and create on your own terms - all via your mobile phone!


Own Your Content

Create content effortlessly on your own terms. You own the content and your customer's data.

Subscription Income

Subscription income made easy (monthly, quarterly and annually) and transparent with real time analytics.

Engage & Coach

The tools you need to keep your customers engaged. Coaching videos, testimonials and social media plug-ins.


Seamlessly Create And Share Your Workouts And Insights

Our mobile tools allow you to seamlessly create and share your workouts, yoga flows, meditations, and drills. (No camera or fancy equipment required)

  • Create workouts in minutes

  • Share workouts in real time


Coach And Motivate Your Subscribers

PDF programs and studio produced content gets stale just like your favorite song. Publish new content in minutes to keep your customers engaged

  • Interact directly with your clients

  • Share daily motivation videos


Track Your Earnings And Growth At A Glance

Easily track your progress toward your daily and weekly earning goals. You can also access your earning summaries with just a tap.

  • Track your monthly and yearly earnings

  • Track subscribers, trials and views


PDF programs get stale just like your favorite song. Publish new content in minutes to keep your customers engaged

Meet Some Playbook Creators


Christian Plascencia

Mobility Specialist

"I was surprised to see how easy Playbook made it for me to share my teaching with today's digital consumer. I have customers all over the world through a simple to use business in my pocket!"


Don Saladino

Celebrity Trainer

"To me, Playbook is the future of the digital health & wellness. It's seamless for me to create and share my expertise with my fans and followers while building a stable income. My celebrity clients love it as well. It's so easy for them when traveling!"

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.13.18 PM.png


Yoga & FITNESS guru

“I absolutely LOVE Playbook! It allows me to share my teachings digitally with my local students, my social media audience, and also reach new clients all from the comfort of my home - with my iPhone! I’m so impressed with the team here at Playbook! Their desire to help me achieve my goals, share my message of health and fitness, and earn an income doing something I love, is a dream come true!”


Our Business Is To Simplify Yours


Keep it fresh. Publish new content so your customers stay engaged


Give your paying customers the interaction they deserve


Take control. It's your business, customer and data


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